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Slash Challenge number 1

I tried this with the Yahoo! group and it didn't do very well. Let's try it here and see what happens.

I've come up with a challenge for you guys. Follow the instructions to write a story, then post the story in the group (unless you want to post it on and give us a link; that's cool too). If you want, we can make a contest out of it, but first I want to see how many people are interested in writing something to this challenge. So here goes.

Setting: Big city. Don't care if it's New York or L.A. or Chicago, just a big city.

Time Period: Modern day, college age boys.

Characters (Choose at least FOUR of the following):

HormonalLittleBrother!Les (think the younger brother from One of the Guys)
AlexPKeaton!David (like anyone's going to write that. I wish ^_^)
Cheerleader/BandGeek!Dutchy (take your pick)

Use or Mention at least FIVE of the following

Saved by the Bell
Coldstone Creamery/Marble Slab/TCBY (whichever one you're more familiar with)
The Spanish Language
Dashboard Confessional lyrics
Francesca Lia Block
A Hookah Bar
Starbucks Vanilla Frappachino
A Cellphone Ringtone of the School Fight Song (oo, like mine? ^_^;)
Voicemailbox full of MopeyEmo!Songs
Poorly spoken French
The movie "Bring It On"

Include Brief Mentions of at least Two other Newsies Slash Authoresses. Ask permission if you feel it's necessary.

The Following Lines MUST be said

"Why is your ass so big and un-missable?"

"Dude. This stuff is, like, liquid pot."

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, oh so pretty and witty and gay!"
"...Well, the gay part's right."

"Old people are so cute."

Okay. ^_^ So that's how it goes. Do you guys want this to be a contest or should it just be something fun we're doing now that school's out? If you guys like this one, there'll be more.

P.S. Anyone who's got someone set up to help us with a layout, e-mail me and let me know so we can get things worked out! Icons would also be helpful ^_^
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Haha, I am SO in on this one....
Oh I know what's going to get me through the last week and a half of school.
I'm Bec, fan o' Lute and Skitt/Snitch slash, etc. Just joined the group and all that. If the contest is still open, I'll be more than willing to jump in. Have a bunch of fics bottled up but I can never seemed to get them down. (As you can see by my repertoire @ - Kid Blink ) Anyway, glad to be here. Hope I'm not too unwelcome. XD

Welcome! And you can still attempt the challenge if you want; no one else has, but I'd like to see what people make of it.