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(X-posted to newsies_plugs. Excuse me if this is innappropriate use of the community!)

Are YOU interested in participating in a Newsies ficlet challenge of sorts? I figure it would similar to the drabbles community, newsies100, but not necessarily a contest. I looked around for something along those lines that was Newsies-centric, but came up empty handed. So, here's the basics of what I was thinking:

-a new group challenge every 10 days
-multiple entries encouraged
-general range of 200 to 1500 words
-challenge responses posted directly in the community
-all ratings allowed (anything PG-13+ behind a cut and with appropriate warning)
-slash, gen, or het

Members could also:
-challenge specific members OR the group
-ask for challenge(s)/trade(s)
-post any non challenge-related ficlets

Essentially, I'm looking for a way to get the ball rolling now that summer is here. So, who's interested? Additions or tweaks? It's totally messy, unorganized, and member-driven, and that's what I adore about it!

Challenges would also be much looser than the one posted here last week... IE: Based on a single phrase, picture/drawing, concept, etc. Just a way to encourage more writing, and make it FUN!

I now challenge you to go join newsies_ficlet!
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I love your icon! I was wondering...where did you get that bottom left pic? I don't think I've ever seen that exact one before and I really like it. thanks!
Thanks. :) The bottom left screencap is from the courtroom scene--right when Race says "Nice shiner, Cowboy." The original images were made by poisonivory for the Refuge message boards (, and I just slapped 'em together into one icon. Heh.

[pssst: Join newsies_ficlet!]